The June 2007 LSAT with Video Explanations.

6hr 7min of on-demand video.


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Familiarize yourself with the LSAT by taking the June 2007 LSAT. You can download, print, and score the June 2007 LSAT for free.

This is the actual LSAT that was administered by LSAC in June 2007—including all four scored sections of the exam. Unlike other courses, LSATMax only uses real questions because it is an essential key in improving your LSAT score.

After taking the exam, you can watch HD video explanations for every Logic Game question and every Logical Reasoning question on the test. You can see where you need some work and watch how LSATMax’s expert instructors attack each question with proven strategies guaranteed to raise your score.

Additionally, by inputting your answers in our free mobile app, you will receive a comprehensive score report and detailed analytics on your performance.

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Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for newbies who are not familiar with the LSAT and/or students looking for a quick refresher on the different sections/questions types of the LSAT.