Uncover the certification journey path, from A to Z.

50min of on-demand video.


  • This course does not have prerequisites



This course does not contain training material; instead, it shows you how to tackle the journey and offers you a generic study plan that you can customize to fit your needs.

Course Intentions

This course will get you on the right track for embarking on your PfMP, PgMP or PMP journey, and will give you a detailed view of the work entailed with it.

Course content?

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Application timeline
  3. Question bank tackling approach
  4. Journey timeline
  5. Needed preparations on the last 2 weeks before the exam
  6. Exam-day insights
  7. Generic study plan

The team

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What are people saying about this course?

Andrew Nimitz:

As the saying goes, half of the way to success is knowing what lies ahead. This 60-minute course does exactly that. It gives you a roadmap / blueprint of what to expect with regard to: the application process (overview only); exam preparation (recommended study times, reading times, etc.); how to prepare your body/mind just before the exam; what to expect at the exam site; pacing yourself during the exam; taking breaks; reviewing your exam questions; and more.

Dany Raman:

I like the way they decomposed the exam questions into sets and they gave a way to tackle each set within a specific time frame

Who this course is for:

  • PfMP/PgMP/PMP candidates, Managers, Directors, Students, Business, Project Managers, Program Managers, Portfolio Managers