What is life coaching about ? What it takes to be a successful life coach? Is Life Coaching For You?

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Thanks you for joining this mini free course about life coaching .

This life coaching course do not intend to qualified students as a licensed life coach , instead ,the main goal of this free life coaching course ,is to address common questions that people are confused/asked about , and give an overview to those that interested in starting up a life coaching career ,but not too sure what is life coaching about and , not sure is life coaching is something that they want to start or not.

This course will help you to answer below questions :

1) What does a life coach do?

2) What is the salary of a life coach?

3) What it takes to become a successful life coach?

4) Common principle that used in life coaching

5) What are some of the hacks and tricks in life coaching?

6) What are the commons mistake of a life coach?

Who Is This Free Life Coaching Course for?

This mini free course is for those that looking to start a career with life coaching ,and also ,those that looking to explore more about life coaching .

Should you enroll into this free life coaching course?

Of course ! Well it is free, and you are not going to loss anything!Enroll now!

Who this course is for:

  • Working adult that looking for a career change
  • Students that looking to start a life coaching business