Learn from scratch with industrial application examples and freeware softwares.

6hr 36min of on-demand video.


  • PLC basic knowledge
  • PLC simulator (free)
  • Your valuable time


In this course, student will learn advanced programming instructions which will help the students to write algorithms for industrial control system. It would also help you to optimize your current logic by implementing complex instructions.. This course is in Hindi language however at some part English is being used.

The PLC which is used in this course is Delta 12SE along with following software:

  • Microsoft Access
  • Kepware
  • Wintek Easy PRO

There are lessons on:

  • Advanced data processing instructions
  • HMI interfacing
  • Logging data in database and excel 
  • Real time Calendar instructions
  • Interfacing PLC with Kepserver
  • Free future updates

    After learning this course student can make intelligent algorithms and display those values virtually on computer screen for monitoring and data analysis. Freeware software are used to teach this course and hence student don’t need to buy any other softwares for learning. technical support is provided round the clock for any queries.

Who this course is for:

  • Engineering students
  • Working engineers
  • Automation Engineers
  • Maintenance engineer