Make knowledge work for you

2hr 13min of on-demand video


  • There are no prerequisites for this course.


Who is this course for?

Probably for people who are very open and interested in new ideas. It’s intended to show you different ways in which you can engage with any material you might have an interest about.

There is one thing that obsesses me: How can I manage the amount of input and new ideas that I need and still focus on becoming competent, efficient and effective? 

In my courses, I don’t really try to teach you anything, instead, I show you my process of learning in real life. In my videos, I combine over 5 years of experience with all kinds of learning and coaching methods to dive into a subject that catches my interest. I shoot everything in one take and I have no scripts.

You will be exposed to new ideas, the techniques I love the most, and you will get to see my mistakes and hopefully learn from them.

My goal is to bring some clarity to the process of learning and make it less daring.

I hope you enjoy it.

Be well,


Who this course is for:

  • People who love ideas and are open to knew ideas.
  • But specially those who want to use what they learn to become more competent at everything they do.
  • Those with adversity to learning
  • This who want to learn meta skills that translate into their every day life.
  • Those who want to be exposed to a large amount of new ideas in a very short time