Learn to secure WordPress sites like a professional. Start from basics and go all the way to securing WordPress sites..

41min of on-demand video.


Become a WordPress Security Professional and learn one of employer’s most requested skills of 2019!

This is the most comprehensive, yet straight-forward, course for the WordPress Security on Udemy! Whether you have never programmed before, already use WordPress, or want to learn about the advanced security of WordPress Sites, this course is for you! In this course we will teach you WordPress Security.

With over 10 lectures and more than 40minutes of video this comprehensive course secures your WordPress site! This course includes videos, quizes and multiple external sources to learn.

This course will teach you WordPress Security in a practical manner, with every lecture comes you come close to becoming a WordPress security expert.

We cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Move wp-config outside the root folder
  • Roles and users proper usage
  • We’ll learn how to restrict access to your WP Admin
  • Set correct Wp-file permissions
  • How to control & filter spam comments
  • How to change DB prefix
  • How to set up secret keys
  • How to disable directory browsing or the Directory listing of your WP files
  • After that, we’ll learn how to secure your WP login & your WP Admin
  • How & Why to use a Web Application Firewall and understand its advanced features

You will get lifetime access to over 10 lectures

So what are you waiting for? Learn WordPress Security in a way that will advance your career and increase your knowledge, all in a fun and practical way!