Krista Swartz’s Girl Scout Gold Award Project

31min of on-demand video


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This course is presented as part of Krista Swartz’s Girl Scout Gold Award Project.  Krista’s goal is the increase awareness of basic self-defense techniques in an attempt to reduce instances of interpersonal violence.  The material presented is complementary to an in person training seminar that is provided free of charge.  Martial arts support is provided by the Hoshin Kan, LLC.


Update: Mrs. Swartz successfully completed all of the requirements of her project and was awarded her Girl Scout Gold Award.  Mrs. Swartz and the Hoshin Kan, LLC, continue to host Women’s and Basic Self-Defense courses at the Hoshin Dojo.


Thank you for your support.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone
  • Martial Artists
  • Those interested in learning about Karate