Come and learn in just 5 days all the secrets of painting in acrylic paints, You will love it.

This course includes:

  • 1 hour on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


  • For starters you will need only basic things – just acrylic paints and canvas


You will learn all the popular techniques that you see in viral videos – Puring , Painting with a brush, Painting with necklaces, Abstract painting and more!

Come and purchase a new and exciting hobby for life, A hobby that will do you good, a hobby that gives peace of mind and lowers stress levels from your daily life. From experience.

In the country where I live I conduct creative workshops in acrylic paints and spray, each of the founders feels wonderful after learning all these techniques, the idea of ​​the course is to make accessible to you all the existing techniques in the world of acrylic paints so you too can set out on your own and create amazing creations!

I am absolutely sure that anyone who sees this course will greatly enjoy the quality of its photography, the course was produced with a company for preparing digital courses and the quality of the course is of the highest quality.

The course is in Hebrew but in art as in art you can only see the process and you will understand everything accurately! From the experience of hundreds of buyers from all over the world everything can be learned through these classes

Hey i’m Avi Pahima. I started painting from a very young age, over the years I developed in various fields of painting. I had a successful gallery in the center of the country where I live where I would paint paintings for visitors and even sell my paintings.

I have a digital store where I sell paintings to the whole world.

I conduct creative workshops for children and adults in the city where I live, I have a digital course in Hebrew that is sold all over the country where I live.

Because of all this experience I am sure that everyone who acquires the course will enjoy the learning process I created after a lot of thought.

I was able to create a professional but simple course where anyone can be a painter, no prior knowledge of painting is required. Everything is based on techniques only!

Painting also has many benefits such as relaxing from the stress of everyday life, developing new abilities, developing creativity and many other benefits.

Glad that now my course is also on this site and now everyone can enjoy these benefits and earn a new hobby for life!

Wishing you lots of success!

Who this course is for:

  • For anyone looking for a new and exciting hobby for life, for anyone who wants to reduce stress from their daily routine, suitable for beginners and advanced