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Sample Questions:

Q) Which of the following VPRN topologies must a customer implement to allow a given VRF to include routes from different VPRNs?

A. Either a hub and spoke or an extranet VPRN

B. An extranet VPRN

C. A hub and spoke VPRN

D. Either a full mesh or a hub and spoke VPRN

Q) When using the AS-override method to prevent BGP loops in VPRNs, where should the “as-override” CLI command be configured?

A. On the PE facing the CE neighbor

B. On the CE facing the PE neighbor

C. On the P facing the PE neighbor

D. On the PE facing the PE neighbor

Q) Based on the VPRN BGP decision process, which of the following routes is selected first if the command “PE1>config>service>vprn> bgp best-path-selection aspath-ignore” is executed?

A. The route learned from an eBGP peer.

B. The route with the lowest Origin.

C. The route with the lowest originator ID or BGP Identifier.

D. The route with the shortest AS path.

Q) On an Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR, which CLI command displays the Route Target(s) associated to a prefix?

A. Show router bgp routes

B. Show router route-table summary

C. Show router bgp routes vpn-ipv4 detail

D. Show router route-table

Q) A CE hub and spoke VPRN has two spoke sites; which of the following would be the best option to implement this topology at the hub site PE?

A. One VPRN, one route distinguisher, and two route targets

B. Two VPRNs, one route distinguisher, and three route targets

C. Two VPRNs, two route distinguishers, and three route targets

D. One VPRN, two route distinguishers, and three route targets